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Need a Garden Service for your Complex, Estate, Shopping Centre or Business Park?

 We specialize in Commercial Garden, Cleaning and Maintenance Services at a Fixed monthly Cost

Trustee of a complex?

Director of a Home Owners Association (HOA)?

Portfolio Manager?

 Facilities Manager? 

We have various options available that can be tailored to suite any Sectional Title Complex , H.O.A. or Business Park

SmartCare® Complex Solutions

Gardening and Cleaning

The SMART CARE option is perfect for Complexes and Estates (Sectional & HOA’s) With units ranging from 20 Units up to 1000+ Units. The Caretakers takes care of all your basic grounds keeping duties.  Included in your SMART Care solution you will receive the following for your Communal Grounds and Private Use Gardens:
  • Professional Gardening Services       

  • Professional Cleaning Services for all Staircase and Landings. 

  • Professional Pool Care Maintenance on a weekly basis. 

  • Waste Bin Management & Disinfecting on a weekly basis. 

  • Basic Maintenance Support Service 

  • Horticultural Expertise & Landscape Assessments

  • Garden Refuse Removal on a weekly basis. 

  • The Caretakers Supplies All Staff, Equipment, PPE, Consumables, HR & Insurances.

  • We are Fully Compliant and are Registered with SALI and NAMA. 

AdvancedCare® Complex Solutions

Gardening, Cleaning and Maintenance Services

The Advanced Care Solution caters for all the operational needs on your site, especially when trustees are busy themselves and can't tend to minor operational items. With the benefits of having your Estate/Complex/Apartment Block on the Advanced Care Solution, The Caretakers will take care of everything on the daily operational needs of the Complex at a FIXED Monthly fee.  
There is no Catch, we’re just THAT GOOD

Our Advanced Care Option Includes all the Smart Care Solutions Items with added Maintenance services to site.

Maintenance items INCLUDED in our Monthly FEE: NO EXTRA CHARGE
  • Globes - Supplying & Installing of new LED bulbs (Unlimited amount on communal grounds)
  • Day/Night Sensors - Supplying & Installing of New Sensors/Timers (Unlimited amount on communal grounds)
  • Blocked Drains- Unblocking of Drains & Gulley’s & Waste lines (Unlimited on Communal Grounds)
  • Roof Leaks – Waterproofing/Repairing roof leaks on Tilled roofs (Including Labour & Materials)
  • Burst Pipes – Repairing/Replacing leaking water lines on communal grounds (Including Labour & Materials)
  • Waste Lines – Repairing/Replacing leaking PVC waste lines on communal grounds (Including Labour & Materials)
  • 10 Year Maintenance Plan – Annual Auditing of existing 10 Year Maintenance Plan
  • Road Marking – Apply new coat of road markings once bi-annually (Including Labour & Materials)
  • Washing Lines – Supplying & Installing new lines on communal grounds wash line areas (Including Labour & Line)
  • Pool Filter Sand – Supply and replace annually pool filter Sand (Including Sand & Labour)
  • Project Management – Free management of external projects under R50K Value
  • Gutter Cleaning – Twice annual Gutter/Flat roof clearing from debris
  • Rodent & Pest Control -  Rodents, Termite & Ant Treatment as Specified on offer
Reporting Included in our Monthly Fee:
  • Smart App - Photo Reporting on Other Maintenance on Communal Grounds
  • Electric Fence - Test & Report Once Monthly on Functionality
  • Automation - Test & Report on Safety stop beams Functionality
  • Camera CCTV - Test & Report Once Monthly on Functionality
Hucryn Afrika

Corporate Cleaning Services

Office Cleaners | Malls | Shopping Centres

At the Caretakers we also offer Cleaning solutions to Shopping Centres, Malls, Offices and Business Parks, the aesthetics and cleanliness of your workspace and offices should be considered crucial as that’s where your clients and staff make important decisions. We offer permanent and short term cleaning solutions:
  • Office Cleaners for Commercial & Industrial Businesses
  • Industrial Site based Cleaners
  • Malls, Shopping Centre & Casino Cleaners
  • Tea Ladies & Janitors
  • Washroom Solutions (Dispensers, Hand towels, Paper Rolls, Disinfectants, She Bins & Surface Sanitisers)
  • Post-Covid Deep Cleaning Services focusing on the entire office space with a Certificate issued after completion.
  • Carpet Cleaning for Offices
We can supply Day & Night shift staff depending on the specialised tailored solution your business requires.

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