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Option 3

Option 3 Is our Turnkey Service Solution, this includes full Garden Service, Full Cleaning Service, Full Maintenance Service that includes the cost of all consumables, Full OHSA compliance, Pool Care, Rodent & Pest Control, Horticultural & Landscaping Consultations, Photo Reporting & 10 Year Maintenance plan audits. Option 3 keeps your budget on track by transferring the risk of unexpected operational maintenance costs over to The Caretakers, this Option is ideal for Sectional Titles from 30 Units up to 1000 Units. We offer our professional services to your complex that includes a garden service (Option 1), a professional cleaning service, as well as a Fixed Cost Maintenance Solution. Yes that’s right, 3 services by 1 contractor at 1 fixed monthly price. Our maintenance teams are professional and on the ball! Our Maintenance portion includes the following depending on your specific needs on site, irrespective of how many times we have to supply a bulb, sensor, fix a blocked drain, or roof leak, your monthly fee remains the same. This is what makes us the Industry leaders and we are proud of the fact that we are the ONLY company in RSA that can offer this.

Operational Maintenance 
  • Replace of Globes (Including cost of Globe)

  • Replacing Day/Night Sensors (Including cost of Sensor)

  • Adjusting lights timers.

  • Annual Audit of 10 Year maintenance Plan.

  • Roof leaks/Waterproofing (Including materials cost)

  • Drain Clearing & Unblocking (Common Property)

  • Plumbing Leaks- Repair of burst pipes (Common Property)

  • Automation Servicing (lube service & test access control monthly)

  • Road Demarcation (Including Paint costs). 

  • Maintenance Reports Monthly.

  • Test and report on electric fence monthly.

  • Oil Stain removal

  • Replacing of Washing lines (Including Costs)

  • Spraying of Herbicides (weed Poisoning)

Waste Handling


  • Managing of waste holding area for collections by contractor

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of refuse area weekly.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of waste bins weekly.

  • Supply of all chemicals to manage waste holding area.


Pool Care

  • Supply HTH Monthly

  • Supply 5lt pool Acid

  • Supply stabilizer tablets

  • Supply alkalinity powders

  • Backwash pool weekly and rinse system

  • Sweep pool weekly

  • Brush pool weekly

  • Replace filter sand once (1) per annum


Health Care

  • Supply rodent bait for bait stations monthly.

  • Supply Granular pesticide for ant treatment bi-monthly

  • Supply and spray pesticide in refuse area to repel cockroaches.






All the above services are included in your Monthly Service fee irrespective of Quantities


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