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Option 3

We offer our professional services to your complex that includes a garden service (Option 1), a professional cleaning service (Option 2) as well as a maintenance solution. Yes that’s right, 3 services by 1 contractor at 1 fixed monthly price. Our maintenance teams are professional and on the ball! Not your average handyman. Our Maintenance portion includes the following depending on your specific needs
Operational Maintenance 
  • Replace of Globes (Including cost of Globe)

  • Replacing Day/Night Sensors (Including cost of Sensor)

  • Adjusting lights timers.

  • Annual Audit of 10 Year maintenance Plan.

  • Roof leaks/Waterproofing (Including materials cost)

  • Drain Clearing & Unblocking (Common Property)

  • Plumbing Leaks- Repair of burst pipes (Common Property)

  • Automation Servicing (lube service & test access control monthly)

  • Road Demarcation (Including Paint costs). 

  • Maintenance Reports Monthly.

  • Test and report on electric fence monthly.

  • Oil Stain removal

  • Replacing of Washing lines (Including Costs)

  • Spraying of Herbicides (weed Poisoning)

Waste Handling


  • Managing of waste holding area for collections by contractor

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of refuse area weekly.

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of waste bins weekly.

  • Supply of all chemicals to manage waste holding area.


Pool Care

  • Supply HTH Monthly

  • Supply 5lt pool Acid

  • Supply stabilizer tablets

  • Supply alkalinity powders

  • Backwash pool weekly and rinse system

  • Sweep pool weekly

  • Brush pool weekly

  • Replace filter sand once (1) per annum


Health Care

  • Supply rodent bait for bait stations monthly.

  • Supply Granular pesticide for ant treatment bi-monthly

  • Supply and spray pesticide in refuse area to repel cockroaches.





All the above services are included in your Monthly Service fee irrespective of Quantities


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