About The Caretakers

The Caretakers forms part of The Hucryn Afrika Group that was established in late 2009.
The Hucryn Afrika Group holds numerous certifications and accreditations across various industries such as Sanitation, Facilities Management, Cleaning, Construction, Transport, Project Management, Website Design & Hosting Services. With owners directly involved in the operations of each of the businesses our clients are used to receiving exceptional service levels by dealing with people who care and are accountable for each project.  
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Health & Safety
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The Caretakers was established with one goal in mind: Solve the problem trustees experience on a daily basis. With this in mind we did extensive research in the sectional title industry to establish where the issues came from. The following was identified as main problematic areas: Staff management, Labour relations, Fly by Night Contractors, 10+ contractors to deal with equals 10+ contractors that need to be sourced, screened, vetted & eventually paid and managed by Trustees. As well as the distinction of when the Body Corporate is liable and when an item is the owners responsibility. Our solution is simple...1 contractor, 1 pay point, 1 line of communication to report and solve problems in a complex, Gardening services, Cleaners, Maintenance? All in 1 serviced by just 1 contractor.

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The Caretakers are strategically aligned with specialized contractors in order to service our clients on the same principle the needs analysis was identified (1 line of communication and accountability). Therefore we can appoint, manage and supervise any additional specialized services that might be required at your property ranging from Engineers, Roofing, Building and Painting contractors as well as Security solutions and specialized lawns care systems.

The Hucryn Afrika Group as well as all its subsidiaries are fully compliant in regards to SHEQ regulations in Southern Africa. We provide all our staff with sufficient training and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) so that they are safeguarded against incidents that could occur on a site. Each site is assessed and a risk assessment is drafted for any irregular risks identified. Striving to keep up with the times, we have decided to make face masks as well as latex gloves and disinfecting soap a standard supply for each employee considering the recent COVID-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak in our country. We are currently holding an essential services permit that allows us to work (limited) on some of our clients sites during the pandemic.

Having almost 300 employees we strive to keep everyone safe.

Environment & Sustainability
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The Caretakers have developed a system over the years of batching specifically designed bio-degradable chemicals and environmentally friendly soaps to clean walkways and bathrooms. All our products used are proudly South African made and has a small to zero impact on the environment. Our Garden service sites are fertilized with 100% weed free compost annually to ensure soil conditions are favorable for growth.